Who Is Nodeep Kaur? Dalit Activist In Police Custody

Nodeep Kaur was denied bail on February 2, her next hearing is on February 8, 2021. 

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Feb 06, 2021 12:23 IST
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Who is Nodeep Kaur: Social media users are demanding the release of Activist Nodeep Kaur who was taken to Karnal Jail on January 12.who is nodeep kaur

US Vice-President Kamala Harris's niece and lawyer Meena Harris also tweeted about Kaur and demanded her release. Meena Harris pressed on the issue that Nodeep Kaur has been in the custody for the last 20 days. She also claimed that Kaur is being "tortured and sexually assaulted" in police custody. 


With Harris tweeting about the activist and other public figures weighing in, social media users were seen constantly raising the issue of Nodeep's arrest. They also demanded her release. Nodeep was denied bail on February 2, her next hearing is on February 8, 2021. 

Who Is Nodeep Kaur? who is nodeep kaur 

  • Navdeep Kaur, known as Nodeep Kaur is a 23-year-old Dalit activist associated with the Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan(MAS) union. 
  • She joined the farmers protest at the Singhu Border since December. 
  • Before coming to the Singhu Border, she was working in a factory based in Kundli. When she decided to join the protest, it has been reported that she was fired without pay. 
  • She was arrested from Singhu Border on January 12 when none of her family members knew where she was being taken to. Later it was revealed that she has been detained in Karnal jail. 
  • The Haryana police have pressed several charges on Nodeep Kaur including section 307, attempt to murder. Other charges against her are extortion, rioting with deadly weapons, criminal intimidation, causing hurt to a public servant, unlawful assembly and trespassing. 
  • Rajveer also claimed that Nodeep has been assaulted in the police custody. On January 13 after Nodeep arrest, her sister visited her in Karnal jail and saw that Nodeep had been hurt in her genitals.
  • Nodeep's Lawyer also claimed that a medical examination has shown wounds on Kaur's body and private parts. 
  •  Nodeep Kaur belongs to Mukhtar Sahib in Punjab. She started to work as a factory worker because of the economic condition of her family, her sister Rajveer said. 
  • In a video made viral on social media, Nodeep is seen talking about the farmers' protests and how the labourers are also part of the agitation. She disagrees with the privatisation brought by the government. 

Take a look at the video here: 

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