Afghan Journalist Tears Up On Television During Broadcast On Her Country’s Crisis

Who is Najieh Gholami
Who is Najieh Gholami: Journalist and television presenter for BBC Persian Najieh Gholami is among the millions of Afghans moved to deep emotion over the unfolding crisis in their home country, where a week ago, the radical terror outfit Taliban seized control.

In a bit from her television broadcast doing the rounds online, Gholami is seen attempting to hold back tears after photographer Masoud Hosseini, in his interview, echoes the anxieties Afghanistan is currently grappling with. “All the work we did over 20 years is gone,” he says (loosely translated to English).

When the camera cuts to Gholami, she takes a few seconds to reorganise before resuming her report. Watch below: 

Know Who Is Najieh Gholami, Journalist Reporting On Her Country’s Turmoil

Educated at the University of London in politics and at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in acting, Gholami is a presenter for the BBC’s Persian television network headquartered in London. The channel covers news from Afghanistan, Iran and Tajikistan – some of the most politically and diplomatically volatile regions in Asia.

Over the last week, as the Taliban’s advance for power in Afghanistan was secured with the taking of Kabul on August 15, Gholami has been sharing memories from visits to her country and contemplations about its people and culture on social media.

In a post on Instagram, writing about the “patriotism of Afghans” and what her identity as a displaced Afghan means within the global community.

“We are compatriots of millions of people who have experienced war, pain, poverty, loss, and the sudden collapse of their world over and over again. We have a common language with many people on the planet that goes beyond being Afghan. This is the common language of our identity.”

Gholami is one in a group of several women journalists taking the front in reporting on the situation in Afghanistan both from studios and on-ground. Some Afghan women journalists who continue working despite Taliban pushback. 

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