'I Am Handicapped," UP Teacher Justifies 'Slap' Incident After Outrage

The Uttar Pradesh teacher, identified as Tripta Tyagi was seen asking students to slap their classmate in a viral video, justified her action, saying there was "pressure from the child's parents to be strict with him."

Priya Prakash
Aug 26, 2023 14:39 IST
Credits: Screengrab from TOI video
A disturbing video has surfaced online, revealing a female teacher at Neha Public School in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, reportedly instructing Hindu students to physically assault a Muslim student. This video has ignited a wave of outrage on social media platforms. The teacher in question has been identified as Tripta Tyagi. In response to the video, the Uttar Pradesh Police have initiated an investigation into the incident.

The incident, captured on camera, shows the student being slapped repeatedly by his fellow classmates while he stands there, visibly upset. 

Later, as one of the students takes a seat following his turn to hit the boy, Tyagi directs him, "Why are you hitting him lightly? Hit him harder. She then inquires, "Who's next?"

As the distressed boy continues to cry, Tyagi instructs, "This time, hit him on the back. Come on. Don't hit his face anymore, it's turning red. Hit him on the back." 


Who Is Muzaffarnagar's Lady Teacher

The teacher in question has been identified as Tripta Tyagi. The incident occurred in Khubbapur village, under the jurisdiction of Mansurpur police station. Both law enforcement and educational authorities are deliberating on appropriate actions against Tripta Tyagi and Neha Public School, which she owns and where the incident unfolded. Tyagi has not provided any comments regarding the incident.

The distressing incident has sparked widespread condemnation, emphasising the need for prompt action to address the situation and ensure the safety and respect of all students.


Tyagi, however, claimed that the video was edited to misrepresent the incident as communal and said she had no such intentions. The teacher admitted to having instructed students to beat the seven-year-old but insisted that it was only because of the pressure from the kid's parents to be strict with him and her physical disability to punish on her own.

“The video that was made viral was edited and cut, I had no such intentions…in our place, Hindus and Muslims stay with unity and we have more Muslim students in our school…There was pressure from the parents of the child to be strict with him. I am handicapped I can’t get up…he was not doing homework for the last 2 months…so I made 2-3 students beat him up so that he would start doing his work,” she told Asian News International.


In an official communication, Satyanarayan Prajapat, the Superintendent of Police (City) in Muzaffarnagar ascertained that the teacher was "declaring" in the video that Muslim students tend to face negative outcomes when their mothers neglect their studies. The relevant educational authorities have been notified, and disciplinary measures against the teacher will be implemented.

Upon reaching out to Khatauli Circle Officer Dr. Ravi Shankar shared that they are attempting to persuade the victim's father to initiate a formal complaint. Once the complaint is lodged, they will proceed with filing a First Information Report (FIR). Further legal actions are in progress.


Conversely, the father of the victim informed local journalists that he has decided not to re-enrol his child in the school and has no intention of pursuing a legal case

Educational Integrity in Question

The incident involving a teacher instructing students to harm a fellow student raises crucial questions about the values we uphold in our educational institutions. Are our schools not meant to be sanctuaries of learning, where young minds are nurtured to think critically, embrace diversity, and foster empathy? Is it not the responsibility of educators to uphold these expectations and ensure that the child's well-being and growth are paramount?


When a teacher, who is meant to be a role model and a guide, resorts to inciting violence and intolerance among students, what does it reflect about the values being promoted? Are we not obligated to ask whether such instances represent a failure in the education system, one that is supposed to cultivate open minds, respect, and a sense of unity among diverse groups?

Moreover, the impact of such incidents on young minds cannot be underestimated. When a child is subjected to cruelty and prejudice within the very institution that is meant to shape their character, how does it affect their perception of the world? What kind of emotional and psychological scars are left behind?

It's time to ensure that our schools prioritise not just academic excellence but also cultivate a culture of respect, understanding, and compassion


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