Andrew Tate Is King of Toxic Masculinity, His Content Can Harm Young Minds

The King of Toxic Masculinity, Andrew Tate, is yet again in the news, of course, for all wrong reasons. He has been detained in Romania on human trafficking, rape, and organised crime charges.

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Language Of Online Male Supremacists, Andrew Tate Accused Of Sexual Assault
The King of Toxic Masculinity, Andrew Tate, is yet again in the news, of course, for all wrong reasons. He has been detained in Romania on human trafficking, rape, and organised crime charges. What else to expect from a misogynistic scammer like him? Andrew Tate is misogynist as well as  a criminal. He is known as the king of toxic masculinity, and here is why.

Andrew Tate is a 36-year-old British-American kickboxer turned social media personality. He is a self-proclaimed multimillionaire and runs multiple businesses. He has a website called Hustler University, which is an online school that teaches people how to make money. Tate has been receiving negative attention since he was thrown out from Big Brother in 2016 for hitting a woman with a belt and yelling at her. A video of the same made the rounds and eventually led to the producers removing him from the show.

Tate then turned to social media, claiming to be a self-help guru he guides his male followers to achieve three things that he believes to be manhood: money, women, and power. His content on social media is full of sexism and endorses toxic masculinity. Andrew Tate is misogynist. He believes that women are subservient beings who just exist to cook, clean, take care of the house, give birth and raise children, and take care of their spouses. He proudly stated that he dates only women who are 18–19 years old because they wouldn’t have had multiple relationships in the past.

Andrew Tate Is Misogynist, Here Is Why

His podcasts, videos, and tweets scream patriarchy. He literally demonstrates toxic masculinity and preaches sexism. He criticised the "Me Too" movement, saying that sexual assault survivors should "bear some responsibility" for the crime that happened against them. He criticises everything women do, from cooking to driving. He categorises women who choose not to have children and women who cannot have children as "worthless and selfish." He basically feels that they are an embarrassment to womankind.

Tate believes that men are the providers and protectors, and an ideal woman is one who is a stay-at-home wife and mother. Given his unfortunate popularity, he is lethal to society at large.

Here are some of his tweets that are powerful enough to make us nauseous.


"Every girl is special until you meet another one."

"Men and women cannot be friends."

"Only (beep) go to clubs."

All this would be infuriating for us women. Here’s something that would enrage men as well. "If you’re a man, nobody cares about your emotions."

And for those men, especially the younger generation, who perceive him as a role model or find his content amusing, he is detrimental to both women and men alike. His very existence is harmful to humankind. The amount of toxicity he spreads is destructive to society. Simply put, he is a walking, talking, breathing piece of toxic masculinity and misogyny.

Let me be vulnerable and say that I was reminded of my ex while researching him. I could literally hear my ex say the exact same things in my regional language. Watching Tate just brought back my traumatic past, and I just went numb. I took a break to recover, but I can still hear his voice screaming in my ears as I type this piece. And that makes me wonder how many people like me are affected by his content. How many abuse survivors are reminded of their past? How hurt would they feel hearing their trauma criticised and dismissed? How many young men and maybe even women are misguided, manipulated, and indoctrinated by his venomous content?


He says preposterous and controversial things to gain popularity and make money out of them. But who is at a loss here? The people who follow him enjoy his content and internalise it without even realising how hazardous it is. So, what can be done about this? He’s been banned on several social media platforms, but still, so much of his content is out there on the internet. With the technological advancements, all we can do is identify toxicity and stay away from it.

How Influencer Andrew Tate Is Selling Extreme Masculinity To Young Men

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