Who Is Ganemat Sekhon? The Pride Of India Who Bagged Bronze At ISSF World Cup

who is ganemat sekhon ,ISSF Ganemat Sekhon
Who Is Ganemat Sekhon: Ganemat Sekhon is recently been the topic of many discussions as she becomes the first ever Indian to win a World Cup medal. The young shooter bagged the third position in the event of Woman’s skeet and ranked 82 in the world for the same.

Ganemat Sekhon is a 20-year-old girl who won India’s first medal at the world cup in an event of Woman’s skeet. She shot 40 to clinch the bronze medal at the shotgun range of the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range and qualified for the six-woman final.

Who Is Ganemat Sekhon?

Sekhon said, “After the event today I came to know that it’s a historic medal and I was very excited, I was working towards this and my aim was to come to the final for the first time in seniors and go for the medal.”

“It is very big for me,” she added.

Sekhon admitted that she was initially nervous, “It was the first time in the senior final and there were too many emotions, but I feel after the second round I was in focus even after missing some targets. I thought of it is an opportunity that I can’t let go.”

Here Are 7 Things To Know About Ganemat Sekhon

  • Ganemat Sekhon was the first Indian woman skeet shooter who won a medal in the ISSF junior world championships in 2018.
  • Ganemat Sekhon’s father, Amrinder Singh insisted her to start her career in shooting and then she held her hat-trick of silver medals in the senior National Shooting Championship. It was the 2018 championship in Jaipur when won the silver medal.
  • Sekhon topped the selection trials held at KSSR in January with a score of 120. In the finals of the same trials, she shot 55, which was a clear four points ahead of second-placed Zahra Deesawala.
  • Sekhon also took part in the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia and finished 10th.
  • Shooting has been been in her family for the past two generations. However, She started liking the sport when she was 14 years old and gives credit to her cousins for her interests.
  • She balanced her studies as well as shooting when she was in class 11th and ranked first in the junior tournament in 2017 in India.
  • Ganemat is quite an idol when it comes to breaking glass ceilings. Pursuing a career that is considered cliché for women, Ganemat shares how she reacts to the awe of people. “When anybody mentions shooting, half the time people think it must be a film shoot or something. Then their first reaction is ‘How do you hold it?’  Or if a new boy is being introduced to shooting, the parents give my example to the boy and tease him, “Look even she can shoot’” She said.