Who Is Anita Choudhary? Journalist Denied Entry In Restaurant For Wearing Saree

Who Is Anita Who Is Anita Choudhary
Who Is Anita Choudhary: The video posted by a Twitter account showing a posh hotel in Delhi denying entry to a woman wearing saree went viral on internet. A lot of netizens took to social media to share their disbelief at the hotel’s rigid policies. The social media user who shared the video on her Twitter account is Anita Choudhary narrating her own ordeal.

Here’s what you need to know about her

Anita Choudhary is an ex-journalist. She has 1695 followers on Twitter.

On September 20, she shared a video and wrote on Twitter, “I am #sareelovinjournalist , I love to wear saree , it was my daughters birthday today , we booked table also but when we reached they told saree is not allowed. They pushed out.”

In another video that she tweeted, she urged important political leaders to tell her what exactly smart outfit means. Here’s her tweet.

In another tweet, she mentioned how the entire incident had turned out to be traumatic for her daughter who had come to the restaurant for her birthday party. An Instagram post put by Anita’s daughter says that her parents were ill-treated by the hotel staff.

She told IANS that she asked the staff standing at the gate to show her the rulebook which mentions that they don’t allow women wearing saree inside the restaurant but they didn’t pay heed to it. She added that even the restaurant manager and other staff came outside the hotel. They threatened her to call bouncers and police for creating nuisance at the hotel.

She said that they had booked the table in advance but had to leave the venue as they were not willing to allow her inside.


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