What’s stopping women from getting ahead?

Not having enough women at the C-suite levels is an issue faced by companies all across the world. Even though many organizations now realize the importance of having a diverse decision making team, some are yet to discover this potential. Nonetheless, a large number of companies are trying to advance more women into leadership roles today.


Some of the main issues women face that prevent them from advancing into their careers are: no or little help available at home to assist mothers, not spending as much time as men in training etc., due to child rearing and other familial responsibilities, and leaders in action preferring to choose successors who are similar to them.


According to a research by Catalyst, globally women represent more than 50 percent of the world’s labour force, yet a very low percentage of high level jobs, in both public and private sector, are acquired by them. Daily Mirror reports that gender stereotypes and pre-conceived notions about women’s role in the society are the main contributing factors for this.


The report also argues that women do not get equal opportunities in terms of oversees training, foreign postings, performance appraisal, mentoring opportunities, pay and available career paths; which hampers their careers in a major way.


[Picture Courtesy: TIME]

Another factor that has been responsible for the lack of women in leadership roles is the lack of female role-models and mentorship programmes. Women have been falsely told for generations of their shortcomings as business women and so, encouragement and role-models to look up to, are as important for advancing women in their careers as acquiring the necessary skills.


What is needed most right now is a big talent pool of competent women; that ensures the availability of women for important positions in organizations so that the world can benefit from the best of its leaders, irrespective their of gender.