What makes Ibiza much more than a party haunt

Spain Party

Headlines may have always called it a party place but there’s much more to the islands. From adventure to activities to exploring beaches and heritage, it offers a unique combination for a traveller to Spain.


Don’t miss an opportunity to see the world-famous sunset strip. A long cool drink, just some easy conversations or simply a long walk with make for one of the most memorable sights you will ever witness. The promenade and big rocks by the seafront,  people of all ages unwinding, and the many cafés make these sunsets beyond just insta-worthy.


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The Dalt Vila

The Dalt Vila is the historic town of Ibiza which is an acropolis full of narrow streets and monuments such as the castle or the cathedral. The walls enclose an important historic legacy in its interior which has been declared a World Heritage Site.

With the old walled city something more out of a fairytale, walks around here can be a captivating experience. Even long after midnight, you’ll find bars, cafés and all sorts of boutiques still open and selling their wares.

Women travellers to Spain

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Go Scuba diving. The beaches and coves of Ibiza, such as Figueretes, Es Viver or Talamanca have golden sand and sea beds that will delight scuba-diving fans, as they house a large number of native Mediterranean species, and also a wealth of sea life.


You can visit the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza, a witness to the city’s rich past, thanks to a valuable collection of objects that cover 2000 years of history. Visit is the necropolis of Es Puig des Molins, also declared World Heritage, along with the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta. Over 3500 Punic and Phoenician graves have been found here. The statues of the goddess Tanit and the god Bes are two of its main pieces.

Paella And More

You’ll have a great time discovering Ibiza’s popular hippy markets but explore food and don’t miss the traditional paella.

Born in Valencia hundreds of years ago, this is Spain’s national dish. In seaside Ibiza, however, seafood has replaced the traditional snails in the recipe. Sampling this and other tapas should be part of your agenda. Saffron is used to flavour the paella rice to give it that yellow delectable look. Many restaurants on the island cook their paella in giant pans. Not just to love watching it cook but eating it too.