What inspires women to start-up? We asked five entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs in India

In the past few days, SheThePeople has been talking to various women at work who have started out on their own journey of success. We have spoken to writers, comics, food lovers; environment enthusiasts, tech lovers and all have more than just one reason to build their start-up. They shared their very different, yet inspirational stories with us.

In conversation with us, Saumya Vardhan talked about how her Diwali became a dull affair when she was studying in London, as she couldn’t perform any of the traditional rituals to feel the festival vibes. This inspired an idea that is slowly catching up with the Indian and the NRI audience. She launched her startup shubhpuja.com and is very happy with the kind of response she is getting. Who would have that thought online puja could be a thing? She sure did!

Saumya Vardhan

A ‘shubhpuja ‘ idea: Saumya Vardhan ( Picture Credit: hersaga.com)

We also spoke to Aditi Chadha who is the founder, CEO and Product Architect at DAZL. She tells us how safety of her loved ones became a focal point of her project. DAZL is an IoT device that fits inside fashion accessories to deliver location-based alerts to your loved ones. She made a product so personal to her that “business” was not a complicated affair.

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Now, how many times have we worked on a project in college and thought it could turn into a successful startup? Well, Sanskriti Dawle not only thought of that, but implemented it as well!  And so she established Project Mudra, a Braille ed-tech startup in partnership with BITS Pilani, Goa alumni. They develop new age Braille teachers in the form of handy devices and interactive content. Their product became so popular that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, on their recent visit to India, used it to type their son’s name in Braille.

Sanskriti Dawle, entrepreneur

When College projects inspire entrepreneurship: Sanskriti Dawle ( Picture Credit: youtube.com)

The topic of environment is turning many heads and quite a few are getting more and more conscious of nature and its beauty. We spoke to Anjan Prakash who is an upcoming biomimic. Having served nearly 17 years in advertising, you’d think that would be her permanent career path, but Anjan thought otherwise. Being a nature lover, she started studying biomimicry, which is an emerging discipline that teaches us how to look to nature as a model to find solutions. She is now educating many more about this discipline, which will connect you with answers hidden in nature! She was also invited to speak on Tedx Mumbai.

Payal Bhuptani, founder, dontgiveafork

All for the love of food: Payal Bhuptani ( Picture Credit:dontgiveafork)

Payal Bhuptani, who is famous for her food blog and pop up restaurant named Don’t Give A Fork, started her blog purely for the love of food. Homesickness led her to enter her kitchen and cook recipes that reminded her of her mother. A tiring day would turn downside up after she spent those comforting time preparing dishes. Also, she loves feeding people! We say that out of experience of course; our meeting with her was interrupted by a yummy session of fresh waffles that she made.

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Any start-up, cause, or program is not always built with the intention of only earning profit but also to give something back to the society. A purpose and a strong philosophy keep your business running and growing. The stories of these ladies teach us that if you know your purpose, there’s only a way forward! An idea can come from just anything, and can grow into something bigger. Don’t let that head stop thinking!

Feature Image Credit: Financial Express.com

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