We Need To Stop Treating Women As ‘Commodities’: Kerala CM On Dowry

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Kerala CM on dowry: While the country is raging over the death of a 24-year-old Ayurved doctor in a dowry case, Kerala’s Chief Minister addressed the issue in a series of tweets, taking to his official Twitter account on June 23. He wrote, “Marriage must not be a pompous show of the family’s social status and wealth.”

Referring to the number of recent incidents of dowry deaths in the state, the Kerala Government announced more stringent measures to create a fair society.

Pinarayi Vijayan wrote in one of the tweets that henceforth, the online service Aparajitha can be used to submit complaints on offences against women and domestic abuse too. The platform was previously restricted to cyber crimes against women only.

Kerala CM On Dowry Practice In India

Vijayan urged parents to realise that the barbaric dowry system degrades daughters as commodities. He asked them to treat them better, as human beings. Apart from requesting parents to make conscious efforts to inculcate such progressive attitudes in their children, the Indian politician also urged Youth organisations to initiate awareness campaigns on the same.
“Men must accept the truth that women are not inferior and that they have equal rights,” Keralal CM Pinarayi Vijayan.
Along with the said measure of introducing another dimension to Aparajitha, a state nodal officer has been assigned to investigate and resolve complaints regarding dowry, assisted by a female SI.

Vijayan on June 24 additionally announced a new process of revising and auditing children’s textbooks sieve out words and phrases disparaging women. “Steps will be taken to turn our schools and colleges into spaces,” he said, “that embrace the idea of gender equality and equal rights.”

The Vismaya Dowry Death Case

Vismaya Nair, who was a final year Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery student, was suspiciously found dead at her husband’s house in the Kollam district. A few days before her death, she opened up about domestic violence by her husband and his family over the demand for dowry. In the messages, she also revealed the injuries on her face, hands and shoulder caused by Kiran Kumar.

The victim’s family alleged that it was a murder and registered a complaint with the police, following the death of Nair. However, there hasn’t been any official report as of now, of whether the death was due to suicide or a potential murder.