We are feminists because of her – Meet Susan B Anthony

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Everyone has an opinion, some are able to voice it and some are not. The reason why most of us are able to voice out our opinions todays, is because someone a long time age, risked everything to fight for what she believed was right. Meet Susan B Anthony

Who was Susan B Anthony?

When slavery in the United States of America was at a high, and women were given almost no rights, one lady raised her voice. One lady decided to speak her belief. One lady wanted to facilitate and bring change.

That lady was Susan B Anthony.

Here are a few things you should know about this inspiring women:

  • She was one of the first women to raise her voice, to ask for women’s right to suffrage.
  • When she was not allowed to speak at a temperance meeting, she, along with her friend Stanton formed a women’s temperance group in their state.
  • She voted at the presidential election in 1872, despite the constitution not permitting it. She was then arrested. However the judges verdict of her being guilty was passed before the trial. She was fined $100, but she refused to pay. This was her statement after getting arrested:

    “The only chance women have for justice in this country is to violate the law, as I have done, and as I shall continue to do.”

  • She worked as a teacher before becoming an activist.
  • In 1856 she worked as an agent for the anti-slavery society.
  • She was born into a Quaker family. This is the reason why she built a moral compass at a fairly early age.
  • She co-founded a newspaper with Elizabeth Cady Stanton called “The Revolution.” This helped her share her views on equality, so as to reach out to more people.

The motto of this newspaper was –

“Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less.”

  • She also fought for the right of women on property. The purse she carried was supposed to be a symbol of the financial independence of women.
  • She persuaded the University of Rochester to allow women to attend the college in 1900.
  • Susan B Anthony was the first women to be printed on American currency. (The coin)
  • The United States of America granted women the right to vote in 1920. This was 14 years after the death of Susan B Anthony.

“Failure is impossible” was her statement at her last meeting.

Susan B Anthony could not see the fruit of her labour in her lifespan. That did not stop her from doing what she though was right. She raised a voice in a society where women were supposed to remain quiet and simply serve the man in their life. She not only wanted rights for women but for men as well. She broke several stereotypes in her life, which is why she is so inspirational to everyone.

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Kavya Shah is an intern at SheThePeople.TV. 



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We are feminists because of her – Meet Susan B Anthony
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