WCD Ministry Launches #IAmThatWoman Against Gender Bias

Poorvi Gupta
Oct 24, 2017 05:11 IST
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It is when women uplift other women there is truly the growth of the entire species. For generations, we have heard and believed in the phrase that "women are their own worst enemies". But it is time that we turn it around and bring a new meaning to the sisterhood.


To bring notice to this the Women and Child Development Ministry has started a social media campaign -#IAmThatWoman. It encourages women to talk about other women who inspired them.

“When a woman has the support of her womanhood, she can be unstoppable because a woman is a woman’s best friend,” says the image the ministry has posted on Twitter. It calls out to women to tag other women and use #IAmThatWoman to share their stories. The WCD ministry wants to start a discussion on why it is important for women to uplift other women.

People can simply go on Twitter and tag and write about another woman’s story that they find worthy of admiration. As the ministry itself calls it, it is the “campaign against gender bias in women against women”.

Talking to SheThePeople.TV, Germany-based Indian graffiti artist Kajal Singh shared her views on upliftment of the status of women. “Being a woman we are blessed with amazing powers. If we don’t support each other we can’t complain to the world we live in. When we truly respect and support each other, amazing things will happen.”

It calls out to women to tag other women and use #IAmThatWoman to share their stories. The WCD ministry wants to start a discussion on why it is important for women to uplift other women.

Aahan Foundation founder, Rashmi Tiwari also spoke to us on the matter. She said, “If women themselves turn a blind eye to the issues of other women it would be rather unfair to assume that anybody else will empathise and fight for their cause. The collective strength of women is a potent force to safeguard the interests of society in general and women in particular.”


Through Aahan Foundation, Rashmi boosts the courage of young tribal girls living in the hinterlands of Jharkhand.

Elsa Marie D'silva, the Founder Safecity  says, "It is important to support all women and girls in their effort to eradicate violence against women and girls or on gender equality issues as these are deep rooted in unconscious bias, sociocultural norms and patriarchy. It makes it difficult to speak up or challenge these norms. So when someone does, we should stand in solidarity and provide support to them".

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Today women like Malala Yousafzai have changed the meaning of helping and motivating women globally through education. In the millennial setup, India-born Lilly Singh aka Superwoman also has a concept of Girl Love on her famous YouTube channel. Closer home Miss Malini also has the similar effort of Girl Love where she asks female celebrities to give a shout out to the women they love in Bollywood- a place that requires such positivity among women the most considering how media portrays women relationships in the industry.

Such initiatives help women’s overall empowerment. They also help to get rid of the stigma that women are each other’s enemy. Instead, they bring out the positive vibe women require to fight against patriarchy and gender bias.

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