Some Useful Safety Tips For Solo Women Travellers

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Travelling is a common man's way of escaping the routine of everyday life and exploring unseen places. Travel essentially combines thrill with freedom and excitement and lets a person immerse herself in a different world. In recent years, solo travels are becoming a trend for people who wish to completely cut off from their daily world and find solace in a different place. Travelling solo provides an individual much need peace and perspective on life. While it seems exhilarating, one needs to be extra cautious of their surroundings while wandering solo. Being a new person in a different land can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Yet, a safe and careful approach towards your entire trip can make your stay a lot more pleasant. Here are some extremely useful safety tips for female solo travellers:


1. Do Thorough Research

A well-researched preparation is a prerequisite to a safe trip. You must have sound knowledge about the place you will be staying in. Its internal safety, neighbouring environment and commuting options must be clear in your mind before you start your trip.

Checking reviews as well as referring to brochures and travel guides can be a good way to ensure the quality and reputation of the resort/ hotel you will be staying in

2. Pack Efficiently

Being a solo traveller becomes extremely difficult when you are carrying bulky luggage. The best option is to go for a backpack and a suitcase to pack all of your stuff. Any more luggage can cause you problems while travelling. It is best to always have all necessary documents and some forms of cash in the backpack for emergencies. Light luggage increases your mobility besides being handy.

3. Stay Alert


While the purpose of the trip might be to relax and chill, you need to stay alert at all times. Often when locals spot a solo traveller, they try to stalk them. In many tourist destinations, thieves and pickpockets roam around. Staying cautious of them is a must at all times. As long as you are in full control of yourself and your belongings, you are good to go. Just make sure to immediately rush for help if you find something fishy around you.

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4. Stay in Touch

It is highly advisable to share your itinerary with a person back home to ensure you can be tracked at all times. Try to speak to or text a reliable person about your location and well-being at every two hours. This is a key safety precaution for every solo traveller.

5. Blend in the Crowd

Ensure that at no point you are dragging unnecessary attention to yourself. Stay as subtle as possible and avoid conflicts with anyone. It is also advisable to wear clothes that seem to be blending with the local culture. Being bold and flamboyant choices can be a major blunder. Also, try as much as possible to not let your valuable belongings be seen out in public.


6. Carry a safety mechanism

Keeping a safety mechanism -- such as a whistle or pepper spray -- is not only advisable for safety purposes but it also boosts your confidence as a tourist. It ensures greater control of the circumstances and enables you to take quick action. Self-defence is key in unpredictable situations, which is why this hack is a must have!

7. Look Confident

A confused and unsure face in a new place is simply the easiest target for mischievous people. While walking in public places, always appear confident externally even if you are not internally. It can help you prevent unwanted advances from unknown people. And even if you are taking instructions or directions from a local, try your best to confirm it by asking another person the same question. As long as you look self-assured, the likelihood of people messing with you decreases substantially.

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