Virat Kohli on Being Father to Vamika – It’s Been Life Changing

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Virat Kohli on Being Father to Vamika : Playing the IPL Kohli talked about fatherhood and cricket sharing how it has changed his entire life. Kohli said the birth of daughter Vamika was a gamechanging moment for the family and how it cannot ‘express how it feels from within.’

Talking about bringing up, daughter Vamika, with wife and actor Anushka Sharma, Kohli admitted the experience “has been unlike anything else he has experienced before.”

  • Virat Kohli on bringing up daughter Vamika with Anushka Sharma: ‘It’s been life changing’

  •  Just to see your child smile, it can’t be put in words. I can’t express how it feels from within.

  • Things change quite drastically. Everything you have been used to changes.

  •  You have to be totally aligned with taking care of another life that’s totally dependent on the mother primarily, but also dependent on the father.

  • Both parents taking care of the child is a different environment altogether and something that we both (Anushka and him) have enjoyed thoroughly.
  • It has been a connect which has been different from anything that both of us have experienced before. Just to see your child smile, it can’t be put in words.
  •  I can’t express how it feels from within. It’s just been such a blessed and amazing period

Virat Kohli was speaking at the IPL to Danish Sait and he shared how the couple are making life changing adjustments with the arrival of Vamika. The young baby has made her debut at a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad a few weeks ago. Anushka Sharma, who is now back at work to shoot her next project Qala, has been posting motherhood updates. She said the burp cloth was her ‘latest accessory’.

Sharma added, “We have lived together with love, presence and gratitude as a way of life but this little one, Vamika has taken it to a whole new level! Tears, laughter, worry, bliss – emotions that have been experienced in a span of minutes sometimes! Sleep is elusive but our hearts are SO full.”