Viral Video: Woman Performs Backflip In Saree, Leaves People Amazed

Sarre-clad Mili Sarkar performs a backflip

People who drape saree often debate over its comfort level. Few find it difficult to manage it while others carry it with utmost grace and comfy. Though the saree can be a congenial piece of clothing for people, doing a backflip in it sounds astonishing. Mili Sarkar, an International Yoga Medalist and National Contemporary Winner, has stunned people with her videos.

In one of Mili Sarkar’s videos, that has gone viral over social media platforms, Sarkar is seen doing five continuous backflips in a red and yellow saree. What you will find amazing is the ease with which she does the whole stunt. One may find saree to be fussy and often difficult to walk with but Sarkar’s stunt is so flawless and smooth that the rough perception around saree might change.

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Social Media Reaction On Mili Sarkar’s Viral Video

People on social media are in awe of Sarkar’s effortless backflips in saree. Tweeples and Instagrammers were all praise of Mili Sarkar’s jaw-dropping multiple backflips. One of the Twitter users wrote, “Sari backflip is one of the best things I saw today.” Another user wrote, “Women can do everything that men can and they even do it better. They also can do many things that men cannot. Meet Mili Sarkar, the woman whose backflip in a saree is breaking the Internet. She’s a Powerhouse of Talent!”

Moreover, netizens praised her and termed her as a perfect candidate to be trained for the Olympics and World Championships. “These are our girls who need support to get Olympic medals,” an Instagram user wrote on her backflip post.

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Sanskriti Tiwari is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.