Viral Video: Taliban Compares Women Without Hijabs To Sliced Melon, Netizens Outraged

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Taliban on Hijab: The fundamentalist group was criticised on social media after a video of some Taliban members went viral on the internet. In the video, a Taliban fighter compared women without hijabs to sliced lemons and stated that nobody wants to buy a sliced melon and prefers intact melon. Netizens asked, “But why you want to Buy women ?”

The Taliban took over the Ashraf Ghani led government on August 15 and established control. Although the fundamentalist group assured that women will be granted their rights adhering to the Islamic Sharia law, incidents contradicting the same have also surfaced ever since. From banning co-education to not allowing women to work, the women of State are in a panic state and massive protests have broken out in many parts of the country.

Taliban On Hijab: Women Without Hijab Are Like Sliced Melons

Amidst the panic state, a video of some Taliban members went viral that highlight the horrific condition of the country. In the video, a Taliban man asked the question, “Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact melon” hinting at women wearing hijabs. While women with hijabs are considered “intact” and preferrable, woman without hijabs is like a “sliced melon.”

The man, answering his own question said, “Of course the intact one,” and that “a woman without Hijab is like a sliced melon”.

Watch the 10 seconds viral video here:

The video garnered over 9,39,000 views on the microblogging app of Twitter.

But Why You Want To Buy Women: Netizens Reply

Criticising the problematic comparison, one of the Twitter users commented, “But why you want to Buy women? (sic)”

Another commented, “This is not the right example. Hijab is a command by Allah, then we follow the command as an act of worship, period.”

A twitter user made a jibe at the problematic comparison as well as capitalism. She wrote, “man thinking I was human I fell into the trap of capitalism! Should have known I am a melon awaiting to be ripped apart (sic).”

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