Varun Grover’s Note on Sexual Harassment is Worth Reading

Varun Grover

As we intensify our collective fight against the social biases such as gender-based discrimination, patriarchy, sexual harassment and equal rights for all it seems like more and more such incidents are coming to the forefront. On the heels of the alleged TVF, sexual harassment case on CEO Arunabh Kumar comes the alleged charges of sexual misbehaviour on Phantom films’ Vikas Bahl. And even Scoop Whoop’s founder.

Charges of Sexual offences and molestation in the tinsel town are not new but what makes us look at it in disbelief is Vikas Bahl is none other than the director who gave us a National Award Winning movie like Queen, which is a story of a woman’s journey of self-exploration and talks about giving women a “choice”.

Lyricist cum stand-up comedian Varun Grover shared a note on Twitter to convey his stand on these rampant cases of sexual misbehaviour.

Just speak to any girl around you and you will be shocked by the number of times she has had to face, endure, avert a sexual assault. In all my naivety I still ask them, ‘Then how can you look so normal in your day to day life? How come you are not a ball of rage and fire?’ And every time I have gotten a wry smile in return – one that has made me feel stupid. I am the perpetrator, I am the one tied in a bro-code of silence, and then it’s me again asking why this is normal.

Through his note Varun makes some crucial points about our society at large. He blames that everyone has been a co-conspirator in letting patriarchy flourish in the society. It is a mammoth organisational failure when perpetrators (whom he addresses as creeps) scout free and people who are around them choose to remain passive spectators of such acts. He says, “that normalise such behaviour either by condoning it or in some cases even rewarding it.”

He talks about a “wry smile” of a female friend when asked about how she goes back to her regular life after being groped or touched inappropriately time and again. Something every single woman who has grown up in any metro cities in India will completely identify with.

He emphasises that men need to understand, a long ignored fact that there is NO obvious entitlement on the female body and soul.

Finally, he requests anyone reading the note to be more aware, sensitive especially in their outlook towards women.

Well done Varun!

Pic Credit: jdmagicbox.com

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