After granting transgender people the rights to inherit their ancestral agricultural land, Uttar Pradesh government is all prepared to set up a transgender welfare board. The transgender welfare board will identify them in UP, enlist them, issue identity cards for them, get them enrolled in various educational institutions, provide them accommodation under various hostels and housing schemes of the state government and launch different welfare schemes for the community.

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A state government official explained, “The Board would work for the welfare and uplift of the transgender community. Along with the state government officers, the board would also include transgender representatives and the members of the social organisations working for the welfare of the transgenders.”

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In 2014, after the Supreme Court identified transgender people as the third gender, the UP Kinnar Akhada Parishad  demanded the government for a transgender welfare board.

Transgender people Get Right To Inherit Ancestral Agriculture Land

In March 2019, the State Law Commission submitted a proposal to the central government for acknowledging and giving transgender people the ancestral land rights. The commission’s chairman justice AN Mittal had drawn the attention of the central government towards the inheritance laws that didn’t include the transgender people. The legislative assembly passed the UP Revenue Code Bill, 2020 to identify and allow the transgender people in the state to inherit ancestral agriculture land, during this monsoon season.

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Why Transgender Welfare Board Is Needed

Transgender people have been discriminated against because of our societal biases. Setting up the transgender welfare board is a step in the right direction by the government. Earlier this year, the government of Uttar Pradesh also announced the construction of the first University for Transgender people. The Supreme Court is also introducing different schemes and quotas to increase the representation of transgender people in all the fields.

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