US Woman Completes Master’s Degree At 89, Sets Inspiration Goals For People

us woman post graduates at 89
This 89-year-old woman from the United States proved that when it comes to learning new things and acquiring education, it’s never too late and you are never too old. The States citizen earned her Master of Arts degree in 2023 and made her dream come true.

Age is just a number, it should never become an excuse or barrier to living your life the way you want or pursuing your goals and dreams. Doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, there is nothing better than seeing your dreams become reality. Education is an important aspect of every person’s life but not everyone is able to continue it due to various reasons. That does not mean you need to give it up, just continue whenever the circumstances are favourable just like this 89-year-old US woman.

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US Woman Post Graduates At 89

Joan Donovan, 89, from Florida, USA enrolled herself at Southern New Hampshire University to pursue a Master of Arts some time back. The mother of six opted for English and Creative Writing as her subject after her children grew up. Donovan was a brilliant child but due to financial issues, she has to drop out after completing high school at 16. She is a military wife and a breast cancer survivor who continued her education at 84 by applying for graduation and then post-graduation as creative writing intrigued her.

Since she could not attend evening classes in college, she chose the online programme of the college that her granddaughter also attended. She calls herself a goal seeker and says that dreams do come true with her story as an example. Thrilled to receive her degree, Donovan’s next goal is to write an autobiography to emphasise on the importance of learning at any age possible and said, “It can take all kinds of forms — from going to college to reading the newspaper. Just learn everything you can every day.”

Talking about her achievement, her capstone instructor, Dr Will Napier said, “With all that was going on during the term, there was always time and space for levity, and Joan was quick to share the good within the world to remind us all why we choose to be creative and why we choose to share a story with others.”

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