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US Man Holds Woman Hostage For 5 Days After Meeting On Dating App

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A woman in the US was allegedly held captive for five days, starved, and sexually assaulted by a man she met on the dating app Bumble. The Washington Post reported the incident, citing officials.

Authorities claim that a man from Texas who met a woman on the dating app Bumble on Christmas Eve kidnapped, beat, and tortured her for five days after she rejected his sexual advances.

Zachary Kent Mills, 21, of Spring, was detained and charged with felony aggravated kidnapping following the woman’s Thursday escape from Mills’ apartment. Mills allegedly spent days torturing the woman, hit her with a screwdriver, and starved her, according to allegations in court documents filed in district court in Harris County.

Man Holds Woman Hostage For 5 Days

Authorities claim that on December 24, after picking up the woman and bringing her to his apartment, Mills abducted the unidentified J.W. A probable cause statement stated that the two had started dating after meeting on the dating app. He immediately attempted to have sex with the woman at Mills’ apartment, but she rejected him, according to court papers.

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The probable cause statement claimed that Mills did not provide her with any food or water while she was held captive for five days. When Mills left the apartment to go see his father, she was able to flee. According to the probable cause statement, the woman had “severe bruising to both eyes, bite marks and cuts to both her throat and nose, and severe bruising” over most of her body when she was interviewed by the police.

An investigation was launched after the police were called. Her treatment was transferred to a hospital. Police searched the man’s apartment the following day, and then they took him into custody. He denied the accusations in front of the judge. Later, after being released on bail, he was allowed to leave with restrictions on his proximity to the woman and house arrest.
After the incident, Bumble issued a statement expressing shock and sadness. According to Houston-based KPRC-TV, the dating app has blocked the man.