Girl Who Emptied Piggybank For Earthquake Relief At 5, Wins $48 Mil Jackpot at 18

Juliette Lamour was 5 years old when she had donated all her money from her piggybank to earthquake hit survivors. This year, at 18, she won a lottery jackpot of 48 million dollars. 

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US Girl Wins Jackpot
Kindness paid forward always comes around one way or another and a teenager's story in the United States is an impeccable example of the same. 

Juliette Lamour was 5 years old when she had donated all her money from her piggy bank to earthquake-hit survivors. This year, at 18 she won a lottery jackpot of 48 million dollars. She is also the youngest person in the state to win such a massive sum of money.

US Girl Wins Jackpot

18-year-old Juliette Lamour is a resident of northern Ontario, United States. People in her hometown of Sault Saint Mary were delighted to hear about Lamour’s lottery win especially since they were witnesses to her generous act of charity from more than a decade ago.

In 2010, Lamour was all of five years of age when the island of Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake. While organisations from across the globe came together to help the survivors, the public also contributed their bit. In the town o Saint Mary, a branch of the Red Cross society set up a table at the Greyhounds hockey team ice rink to help raise aid and money for the displaced people of the earthquake-hit region. 

Lamour and her sister Sophie learned about the calamity and were eager to help in whatever way they could. That’s when Lamour emptied her piggy bank and put all her 61.38 dollars on the table. 

First ever try at a lottery


This week, thirteen years later, Lamour’s kindness rewarded her with a massive jackpot in her first-ever attempt at a lottery ticket. Lamour recently won Ontario’s second-largest lottery jackpot in history, amounting to 48 million dollars.

Lamour’s win also sounds interesting because she was on her way to purchase ice cream, not a lottery ticket. She told a local news agency that she had called her grandpa asking him which ice cream he wanted to have, to which he responded, “You just turned 18, go buy a lottery ticket for yourself to test your luck.”

She followed her grandpa's advice and the rest, as they say, is history. 

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