Meena Kumari Says Her Statement Of Not Giving Phones To Girls Has Been “Misinterpreted”

meena kumari girls and phones remark, Who is Meena Kumari
Meena Kumari girls and phones remark: A member of the women’s commission of the state of Uttar Pradesh, Meena Kumari said on Thursday that the increasing crimes against women in the state are due to the careless attitude of the mothers of the survivors. She had further added that parents must keep phones away from their daughters as they would communicate with men and eventually elope.

Meena Kumari has now denied that she has passed any such statement and said that her statement has been misinterpreted. She added that “What I actually said was that parents should check whether their children are using mobile phones for studies or other purposes.”

Meena Kumari girls and phones remark: Outrage builds against UP Women’s Commission member

Kumari was asked about the growing rate of crimes against women in the state on June 10.

To this, she replied saying that parents of girls should keep a check on their activities and keep them away from phones. Further, she added that the phones of girls should be regularly checked by the parents as girls tend to talk and later elope with men. She also blamed the crimes against women on the careless attitude of parents mostly mothers.

“…their phones should be checked regularly. All this happens due to negligence by mother,” she said. Read more here. 

On this controversial statement, Kumari received a lot of rage and backlash from the internet, with people demanding her removal from the Commission. The Vice President of the Commission, Anju Chaudhary, called Kumari’s statement wrong, adding that depriving girls of mobile phones is not a solution to sexual violence against them.

Kumari denied saying that if girls use phones they run away with boys. “My statement has been misinterpreted… I never said that if girls use phones they run away with boys,” she was quoted saying.