UP Woman Dressed As Bride Fined For Sitting On Top Of Moving Car

Woman Sitting On Moving Car Fined
An Uttar Pradesh woman has been slammed with a heavy fine after she released a video of herself dressed in bridal wear and sitting on the bonnet of a moving SUV. The video went viral on social media.

The woman identified as Varnika Chaudhary was sitting on a Tata Safari Storme while the car navigated through heavy traffic.

The woman apparently was making videos for reels to post on social media sites such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. The Uttar Pradesh police fined the woman because she was sitting on the bonnet of a moving car and shooting videos amidst a busy road, putting herself and others on the road at risk. The way she was seated in the car would compromise the driver’s vision and could have potentially led to an accident.

Woman Sitting On Moving Car Fined

As the woman had previously shot reels of herself riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, her car was already under the police scanner. The police initiated an investigation and imposed a hefty fine of 17,500 rupees on the woman for her violation of the rules. She was asked to pay 16,500 rupees based on SUV-related violations and 1,500 rupees for the two-wheeler-related violation.

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Women Sitting On Car Bonnet

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Image Credits: Twitter/ Commander Ashok Bijalwan

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