'Kaat Daali Gardan': UP Man Says On Camera After Killing Girlfriend

A man in UP's Bulandshahr slit his girlfriend's throat for betrayal on June 11 in the graveyard of Mohalla Khirkhani of Khurja Nagar Kotwali area. He openly confessed to his crime on a video saying, "Dhoke ki saza hai maut." 

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In yet another incident of jilted lover committing a horrendous crime, a man in UP's Bulandshahr slit his girlfriend's throat and beheaded her. The crime was committed on June 11 in the graveyard of Mohalla Khirkhani of Khurja Nagar Kotwali area. The reason behind this was the alleged infidelity of the woman. How did we know this? The man openly confessed his crime on a video with no regret. With laughs and grins, he said, "Dhoke ki saza hai maut." 


As per the video, the man claimed in the video that his deceased girlfriend had an affair with someone else. He also claimed that she consumed all his earnings of 2.5 years and hence deserved to be killed.

"Dhoke ki saza hai maut"

The man said that betrayal has no forgiveness. He would kill his friends too if they betrayed him. Even after committing the gruesome crime, the man laughed in the video and said that he is a fan of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt and is especially inspired by his character Ballu Balram in the movie Khalnayak. 



"Kaat daali gardan..chaku se" the man brazenly admits

The man begins by saying that the woman betrayed him by having an affair with another man after claiming that she loved him and used all his earnings. He couldn't bear the betrayal in love. "Mohabbat Mein Dhoka De Diya, Dhoka Dene Ki Saza Hai Maut," he said. Adding to this, he remorselessly describes the crime saying, "Kaat daali gardan...chaku se."

With a huge laugh, he admits that he is a fan of  Sanjay Dutt and his character Ballu Balram which not only inspired his name 'Ballu' (although his name is Adnan) but also his crime. 

When said that Ballu Balram was encountered in the movie for his crime, the man said, "I cannot be encountered since I have committed only one murder  not ten." He also added that he will be ready for encounter if he commits more crimes. 


Threatens authorities to not harm his family

Apart from the bragging about the crime, the man threatened the authorities to not harm his family. He said, "If any of my family members are touched, I will kill everybody and bomb the houses of those who dare touch my family members." 

The deceased woman has been identified as Aasma whose body, found in the graveyard, has been sent for post-mortem. Adnan a.k.a Ballu has been arrested and further investigation is underway. 

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