Haiti Records Alarming Surge In Abductions Of Women: UNICEF

UNICEF reports a distressing surge in abductions in Haiti, with nearly 300 cases in the 2023 first-half. Women and children are targeted, suffering trauma and violence. Haiti's dire state worsens with healthcare collapse, hindering aid efforts.

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Image credits: UNICEF

Image credits: UNICEF

Startling data released by UNICEF has shed light on a distressing crisis unfolding in Haiti, as nearly 300 confirmed abduction cases were reported within the first half of 2023. This staggering figure is nearly on par with the total for the entire preceding year and nearly threefold that of 2021.

In a stark news release, Gary Conille, UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, expressed his profound dismay, stating, “The stories we are hearing from UNICEF staff and partners on the ground are shocking and unacceptable." 

He further warned that the escalating trend of abductions poses a grave threat to both the people of Haiti and those who have embarked on humanitarian missions in the region.

The pervasive pattern involves the coercive abduction of children and women by armed groups, who exploit their captive status for financial gain and strategic advantage. 

Those who manage to escape confront severe physical and emotional trauma that may persist for years.

Women and Children are not bargaining chips

Haiti's dire situation encompasses a broader humanitarian catastrophe, with approximately 5.2 million individuals – nearly half of the entire population – in need of urgent assistance, including almost three million children. 


The nation's children are caught in the crossfire or deliberately targeted, while women and girls face horrifying sexual violence.

Conille passionately asserted, “Women and children are not commodities. They are not bargaining chips. And they must never be exposed to such unimaginable violence."

He urgently called for the immediate release and safe return of all those who have fallen victim to these abductions.

A Crumbling Healthcare System

The perilous state of Haiti is further exacerbated by a crumbling healthcare system, as outbreaks of cholera and severe malnutrition push the infrastructure to the brink of collapse. 

The escalating violence, combined with looting, road blockades, and the pervasive presence of armed groups, creates a grim environment for delivering critical aid to the affected communities. UNICEF underscored that these challenges only intensify the complexity of an already daunting situation.


The assassination of Haiti's President in 2021 has thrust the nation into a deep political and security crisis, with armed criminal factions plunging most parts of Port-au-Prince into a state of terror. 

This turmoil has severely compromised humanitarian efforts and exacerbated the already dire socio-economic situation in a country grappling with poverty, disease, and natural disasters.

Conille concluded by highlighting the tenacious spirit of Haitian children, women, and families who persevere in the face of insurmountable challenges but pleaded, “Their bravery is being met with increasing, unthinkable terror. It must stop now.” 

As Haiti's plight reverberates globally, urgent action is imperative to bring an end to this harrowing crisis.

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