Unable To Arrange Ambulance, UP Constable Helps Woman Deliver Child At Bus Stop

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A woman police constable in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh helped a pregnant woman deliver her child on July 28 after they failed to arrange an ambulance in time.

According to news agency PTI, an official said on Wednesday that constable Bintu Pushkar came to the rescue of the pregnant woman when the immediate ambulance system could not be arranged.

The woman, as well as her baby, are reportedly healthy. After the delivery, she was taken to a medical facility and admitted there.

UP Constable Delivers Baby

Rekha, a 30-year-old woman was experiencing labour pain as soon as she got off a public bus in Shahjahanpur. Noting the urgency of the situation, Pushkar stepped in. With the help of Rekha’s mother, Pushkar covered Rekha with a cloth.

Rekha, who is a resident of Jalalabad, delivered a girl child with the help of the constable and her mother near the bus stop where she was dropped, Police Superintendent of Sanjay Kumar said, according to a report.

Kumar added that in view of the situation, police halted the traffic movement on the road to ensure safe delivery.

In 2017, it was revealed that Delhi police get training in delivering babies in cases of emergency, regardless of gender. The same year, the state witnessed a number of cases where cops helped women deliver babies.

One such case includes when a woman went into labour at Old Delhi railway station at 4.15 am and while her husband went into a state of panic, the police stepped in.

The officials arrived with a PCR van and the baby was delivered safely at the railway station by the cops themselves.

According to a report, that delivery was the seventh case of its kind in the year.