It’s Okay To Fail: Ranking 3rd, Uma Harathi N Clears UPSC In 5th Attempt

Uma Harathi
The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) results are out and they’ve given not one but more reasons to celebrate as a country. With the highest percentage of women clearing UPSC this year, it’s inspirational to see their achievements and the different journeys they have been on to get here. One such journey is Uma Harathi N’s.

Uma Harathi N, one of the top four rank holders in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, did not have it easy to make it this far. The 28-year-old Telangana engineering graduate attempted the exam not once or twice but for the fifth time. Her never-back-down attitude helped her achieve this feat in her fifth attempt, making her the third-rank holder in the country.

“It is okay to fail. Just be proud of yourself” Uma Harathi’s story

Given India’s population and the number of students trying for UPSC, it’s never easy for applicants to crack the exam. The level of competitiveness and the soaring talent and hard work in this country is immense, which is one reason why only a few make it to the end of the finish line for exams like these.

For Telangana resident Uma Harathi N, the road to cracking the UPSC was met with several challenges. The engineering student from IIT Hyderabad tried attempting the entrance a few times but failed, something she says was a huge learning for her which acted like a push for her to not give up. In an interview with NDTV, Harathi discussed her success and, more importantly, her failures.

She stated that failing should never be considered a setback instead it should be treated as a pathway to try harder. Drawing from her own experience, she shared how she failed many times but was proud of her trials.

Harathi, who ranked third across the country, is one of the four women who top-scored. Apart from Harathi, Ishita Kishore bagged the all-India rank 1, Garima Lohia stood second and Smriti Mishra at 4th. Kishore, Lohia and Mishra are graduates of the University of Delhi.

“Learnt from my mistakes and discovered myself”

Thanking her friends and family for having her back throughout these past years, Harathi stated that her mistakes taught her what she could do right. Calling it a long process, she said her journey has been great and has offered her introspection.

Harathi also has a BTech degree in civil engineering and her education helped her navigate a lot more with such an exam. Talking about success, she mentioned that while there is never one formula to achieving anything, hard work and effort always count in the end. “Own up to the process and understand the exam. Also own up the strategy, your failures, setbacks, and the highs and lows,” she said. She expressed how owning up to everything that one puts into one also makes one ready to face the world whether or not one clears it.

Photo credit: PTI, NDTV

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