UK Woman Finds Absconding Husband In Kerala, Divorces Him

Mariam Khaliq

Women should not be afraid of men who try to betray them as Mariyam Khaliq has proved. The Pakistan-Origin British woman (33), who married an Indian man, tracked him down to his house in Malappuram district of Kerala and moved the court to get divorce and alimony from him.

Khaliq had to suffer immensely before she won the case and got alimony from her ex-husband, Noushad Hussain.

Hussain had gone to London for an MBA program. He met Khaliq, who is a sales officer by profession, and they became friends. After an 18-month relationship, they got married in London in April 2013. Hussain had not told his parents anything about the marriage. He returned to India after promising Khaliq that he would get his parents’ approval for the wedding and come back to her.

However, Hussain did not return. He used to call her initially but the calls also stopped after a while. He then sent a letter to Khaliq stating that his parents did not agree for the marriage and that he will not be returning to the UK.

“I was blank. I couldn’t think of a life without him. The only information I had about him was that his house was in Chavakkad, a photo of his house, and a number he used in Dubai earlier,” Mariyam told The News Minute.

A furious Khaliq did not succumb to the situation and immediately started her mission of finding him in India. But the struggle was tough as Hussain had not left many evidences of his origin in London.

She travelled all the way to India in 2015 carrying her wedding album in a bid to trace her then husband. She reached Mallapuram and Khaliq’s Pakistani lineage proved to be a hurdle. Even police officers refused to help her or shooed her away, reported HT.

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It was then than NGO Kudumbasree of Kerala came into the picture and took up her case. Two months of intense investigation led them to Hussain’s house and then another shock came along for Khaliq. Hussain was preparing to get married again without informing Khaliq at all.

When she met Hussain at his house, he rejected her. This enraged Khaliq and she filed a case against him in the Kunnamkulam first-class magistrate court the same year. The magistrate allowed her to stay with Hussain in his house and ordered police protection for her.

This did not change Hussain’s mind and he proceeded to marry for the second time.

While in Hussain’s house, Khaliq was mentally tortured. Hussain’s family members filed fake complaints against her stating that she is an undercover Pakistan intelligence officer. “They tried their best to cancel my visa, but I was firm,” she told HT.

“I wanted to send a message that women can’t be taken for granted and fooled so easily,” she said.

“People are friendly here. Though the system is a bit slow, it works effectively. I hope my case will work as a deterrent to many women who are duped in a similar fashion,” she said.

She further mentioned that she plans to tour the country before leaving for the UK.

Picture credit- Pakistan Defence