UK Univ Students Use Snapchat To Share Stories Of Sexual Assault

School principal assault

Students at the University of Bristol have been using a #RevoltAgainstSexualAssault Snapchat campaign to speak about their experiences of sexual assault. The campaign was started  by Hannah Price, online editor of the university’s paper, ‘Epigram’. She was inspired by two rape victims in India who used Snapchat to tell their stories. They used filters to tell their stories while participating in India’s first ‘Climb Against Sexual Abuse’ near Mysore.

Hannah collated ten women’s entries into a single video. Almost all the women used emojis or filters to cover their faces. They spoke about the pervasive rape culture at the university. One of the women even spoke about how she has been raped three times while at Bristol and has been assaulted many times. She said that over time it has happened that it has been someone she knows and likes.

After the campaign, Bristol University issued a statement, saying that they have a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment or violence of any form.

“These students have been very brave to speak out about their experiences and raise this issue publicly. Their safety and welfare, and the welfare of all our students, is vitally important to us and we are deeply troubled to hear these accounts. We are aware that sexual harassment is a significant issue and that we have a responsibility to take action to safeguard our students wherever possible,” they said.

Hannah wanted to show that the app can be used as a powerful tool for communication. She wanted to use the selfie taking phenomenon to address more serious issues. According to a study, one in seven women in the UK have endured some form of sexual abuse while at college.

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