UK Man Rapes Niece, Wins Child Care Rights To Their Son

In a shocking incident from the United Kingdom, a man who raped his niece and fathered her child was allowed to take part in childcare proceedings without parental responsibility.

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In a shocking incident reported from the United Kingdom, a man was allowed to participate in the childcare proceedings of the son he had after raping his niece. The man reportedly raped the niece when she was just 17 years old.

The man reportedly took the minor girl in as his own child after she lost her father when she was young. She grew up with him but when she was 17, he raped her and she got pregnant with his child. She did not abort their child of rape and the baby boy was born with neurodevelopmental and physical issues. She continued to live with her uncle until the child turned 8. In 2019, she alleged rape by her uncle to the police and informed them that her child was born as a result of the rape.

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UK Man Rapes Niece

She moved with her son to a different part of the country and continued to take full responsibility of her son. She did not mention the uncle as the child's father on his birth certificate which meant that he had no parental responsibility for the child. During the investigation, the uncle was found guilty of one sexual assault and two rapes


In October 2022, the son was sent into care proceedings under the childcare plan due to unannounced reasons. That's when the uncle made an appeal in the court to be a part of the care proceedings but this appeal was opposed by the child's mother, the local authorities, Children's Guardian as well as Judge Wright, who said that he had no family life with the child and the mother also considered him as a threat.

The father later made an appeal against Wright's decision which was allowed by Lord Justice Baker, King and Lady Justice Asplin. The three appeal judges concluded that the man was a legal parent, with or without parental responsibility, and hence had the right to be a part of any of his child's proceedings.

The judges reportedly dismissed Wright's decision as wrong because it was not in proper regard to the rights mentioned in Article 8. The judges did not find a reason to exclude the father from the child's care proceedings and hence allowed him to be a participant.

People look up to courts and legislature for justice but sometimes, these institutions are the ones that don't deliver the justice they want. In a similar incident, the 28-year-old mother of an 11-year-old boy would not have thought the court will allow his paedophile paternal uncle, who is also the father of her child, to take part in her son's childcare. The woman had not mentioned him as the child's father in any of his certificates but the court still allowed him to be involved with the child. 

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