Indian-Origin Psychiatrist Jailed For Running Child Sex Abuse Website

A UK court has sentenced Kabir Garg to six years in prison for involvement in a website dedicated to sharing child sexual abuse images. Garg served as a moderator on the site and was found with thousands of indecent images.

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Kabir Garg, a 33-year-old junior doctor residing in Lewisham, south-east London, has been sentenced to six-year imprisonment for his involvement in a sinister online chat platform dedicated to the dissemination of child sexual abuse imagery. 

During court proceedings, it was revealed that Garg had assumed the role of a "moderator" on the illicit website. This position required him to oversee the operations of the site, including providing guidance through private messages on how to share explicit images.

However, in November, his activities were brought to an abrupt halt when he was apprehended by the National Crime Agency (NCA). Upon searching his residence, law enforcement discovered a significant number of indecent images on his laptop and SD card.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) expressed their grave concerns about Garg's actions, emphasising the large-scale impact of his offences. Adam Priestley, an official from the NCA, stated, "Garg was involved in facilitating child sexual abuse on a significant scale. He used the dark web to access a global community of paedophiles sharing and discussing horrific crimes against children." 

Garg's background adds another layer of astonishment to the case. According to BBC, having completed his MBBS at Lucknow's prestigious King George Medical University and working at the renowned National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bengaluru, Garg's transition to the United Kingdom was marked by a shocking descent into criminal behaviour.

Authorities arrested Garg in November of last year, culminating in his guilty plea on eight charges, including the sexual exploitation of children, and the creation and distribution of indecent images. It was discovered that Garg held a prominent position as one of the moderators of the dark website called The Annex, which boasted a staggering 90,000 members worldwide. 

The law enforcement agencies revealed that Garg was among the select few who actively participated as a staff member of this disturbing online community. "There are hundreds of thousands of members of such sites on the dark web, but few of them are prepared to commit to being a member of staff, which involves dedicating a lot of time for no payment," commented Adam Priestley, emphasising the disturbing dedication Garg demonstrated to his illicit activities.


Garg's arrest took place in his Lewisham residence, with law enforcement seizing his laptop while he was logged into his moderator account on the website. During the subsequent investigation, authorities uncovered over 7,000 indecent images and videos, as well as several medical journal articles that he had acquired in his capacity as a psychiatrist. 

One of the articles, alarmingly titled "A Study on Child Abuse India," further amplified the shock and revulsion surrounding Garg's crimes. A collection of medical journals and articles focused on the psychological impact of child sexual abuse. The NCA highlighted that this evidence indicated his comprehension of the "devastating impact such actions have on children."

Bethany Raine, a specialist prosecutor involved in the trial, remarked, "Garg's crimes are especially shocking given his understanding of the psychological impact of sexual abuse on children." 

The General Medical Council (GMC) has confirmed that Garg's medical licence has been temporarily suspended pending the completion of a comprehensive investigation. Subsequently, the GMC may refer the case to a full tribunal hearing, where a determination will be made regarding Garg's professional future, potentially leading to his removal from the medical register.

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Not an isolated incident

This case is not an isolated incident. In a related arrest, UK authorities apprehended Matthew Smith, a 34-year-old London resident, in the same month as Garg. Smith is alleged to have been involved in child sexual abuse activities in India and was found to possess thousands of images and videos documenting the sexual harassment of children. The investigation suggests that Smith's actions may be part of a larger child pornography network, given the extensive collection of abuse material discovered.

During his time in India, Smith had worked at orphanages and NGOs, where he had exploited his position to establish a network of individuals involved in child sexual abuse. Shockingly, even after relocating to the UK, Smith maintained contact with his accomplices. Prosecutors revealed that Smith manipulated teenage boys in India, teaching them how to befriend minors and coercing them into performing sexual acts, which he would then demand be recorded and shared.

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