Strangled Partner, Threw Firecracker At Her: UK Horrific Case Of Revenge Against Rejection

Types Of Domestic Violence
The story of a teenager, Bobby Hoyle, violently abusing his girlfriend in Britain’s Bransholme, Kingston, gives a peek into the rising cases of crime in the country with women at the receiving end. This case also brings to light the kind of crimes the youth undertake under the pretext of revenge against rejection.

Recently, Kingston resident Hoyle was granted 80 hours of unpaid work and a two-year suspended custodial sentence for his offence against his girlfriend, who is also a teenager. The court also ordered him to attend ten days of rehabilitation and thirty-one days of a Building Better Relationships Programme.

Currently being referred to as Britain’s youngest domestic violence offender, 18-year-old Bobby Hoyle’s behaviour is said to have worsened after his partner decided to end the relationship.

UK Domestic Abuse Case

The UK court punished Hoyle, 18, for strangling his girlfriend at her home in September 2022. It was reported that their relationship was going smoothly up until August. Hoyle took a violent route when his girlfriend decided to separate from him. Not being able to take the news, he decided to “keep her under control under the dread of violence”. He was only 17 when he committed the crime.

As per his confession in front of the judges, he harassed the woman between August 22 and September 26 and first strangled her holding her by the neck. His behaviour worsened when the woman decided to end her relationship with him. According to the survivor’s testimony, he choked her with both his hands for around twenty seconds while she faced difficulty breathing and almost passed out.

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A case of rejection

Hoyle’s crime did not just limit to strangulation, he even threw firecrackers at his girlfriend. According to the statements made in the court, the awful list of harassment included the abuser spitting on the survivor and covering her in dirty mop water out of frustration.

The couple had been dating for about five months at the time when the crime took place. They had met through a mutual friend. It was presented in court that Hoyle also fathered a child with another woman. In the heated argument that took place between the couple, Hoyle even destroyed the woman’s phone by stamping it so she couldn’t have it back.

According to the statement, Hoyle banged her body against a car door, punched her, and later lit a firecracker and threw it at her. Thankfully, the cracker exploded on the street and did not touch the survivor.

Screaming, “If I can’t have you, no one can,” he strangled her not once but many times. It was noted that Hoyle’s criminal act was not a one-time offence but a long-term behaviour that unfolded over an extended period.

Cases, where people have often taken a route of crime to take revenge on their ex-partners for rejecting them and ending relationships, have allegedly increased with time. This is one of the hundreds of reported cases surfacing in the past few months where jilted lovers have punished the women who said ‘No’ to them, a rejection they couldn’t stand.