Udupi: Another College In City Stops Students Wearing Hijab At The Gate

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Udupi hijab row continues to spread in Karnataka as one more college in the region denied entry to women in hijab from attending classes. On February 3 morning, Muslim women were denied entry in Bhandarkars’ College of Kundarpur in Udupi district, Karnataka. The video that surfaced on the internet shows two officials of the college stopping a group of hijab-clad women at the entrance and then closing the gate on them as they plead with the authorities.

The girls were stopped by the college principal. He said that according to the government order and the college guidelines, the students need to come in uniform to the classes. On the other hand, the students argued that they have been coming to college wearing hijab for a long time now and must be allowed to attend classes.

Reportedly, they pleaded with the authorities to allow them to attend classes as exams are just two months away. Until now, the state rule was that the students can wear hijab in the college but had to remove it inside the classroom.

This incident is the second such in the city after a similar such incident took place atPU Girls College a month ago. Recently, a student had filed a petition against this at High Court. The plea is that Muslim women should be allowed the right to wear hijab inside the classroom too. Read more here.

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The row was sparked after 100 boys came to college in saffron shawls and were also denied entry by the college administration on Wednesday. Then the students started shouting slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ which led to a tense situation. In the row, the Hindu students have said that if Muslim students come in hijab then they too will come clad in saffron shawls.

The District In-Charge Minister of Udupi S Angara, while reacting to the incident at Bhandarkars’ College, said that one rule will be followed in all schools and colleges. The Minister said he will also take up the issue with the District Commissioner and the matter will be discussed with the Education Minister of the state and the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, the Home Minister of Karnataka Araga Jnanendra said that directions have been set by the police department to unearth the communal forces behind the hijab row in the state. “Naqab, burqa, hijab, saffron shawl or green shawls are not allowed in the classrooms. The Minister for Education has already stated that uniforms are compulsory. They should not be any divisive factors in the academic environment. There are mosques, churches and temples for religious practices,” he said.

The hijab row has spilled from one college in Udupi to many others in Karnataka, causing an increased worry for the parents and the students. The state government has set up a high-level committee to make decisions on whether hijabs should be allowed.