Slammed For Wife Day Promos, Uber Says Sorry

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Uber is under fire yet again. In its social media promotions in Bangalore, it urged husbands to avail of the UberEats food delivery service, so that their wives could take a day off from the kitchen.

Dear husbands, a gentle reminder – today is Wife Appreciation Day,” it had tweeted

Of course, this message was met with a lot of flak from users and the Twitterati.

Message Taken Down

Uber has since taken down the message. It has tweeted that the message was totally inappropriate. Its chief brand ambassador Bozoma Saint John also tweeted that the message was completely unacceptable. She said the company will take care of it. She took up the job of calibrating Uber’s brand in June.

UberEats is a service which lets users order from nearby restaurants and have the food delivered to their front door by an Uber driver. Their competition in India is apps like Swiggy and Zomato.

Uber’s communication department also apologised for the message, and called it completely inappropriate.

According to BBC journalist Ayeshea Perera, the story has not been represented in Indian media as much as it should have been. One more mishap from a company which has been under fire for its sexist company culture.

Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick recently stepped down from the company he founded. Uber has been under scrutiny for its lack of action against those who complained of sexual harassment. Susan Fowler wrote about how her complaints had been ignored by her superiors, following which the company set up a hotline for complaints. The firm has received 215 complaints, and has 57 under investigation by law firm Perkins Cole.

In India, the company has drawn flak for sharing medical records of a rape case victim, and for negligent drivers.

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