2 Years After Husband's Martyrdom, Wife To Be Army Lieutenant

Ria Das
Feb 14, 2018 06:53 IST
Two Years After Her Husband Was Martyred, Wife To Become Lieutenant

It’s been two years now since Sangeeta’s husband Shishir Mal, a rifleman with the Indian Armed Forces, sacrificed his life on September 2, 2015. He was martyred in a fight with terrorists during Operation Rakshak in Baramulla, Kashmir. Now, Sangeeta will serve the nation as an army lieutenant.


The tragic incident may have weakened their family, but didn’t break her courage. Sangeeta fought depression after her husband’s martyrdom and challenged the odds. Eventually, her family and in-laws became the support she needed the most and she emerged out of her shell.

A Dehradun resident at the time, Sangeeta received appreciation from Mal's former colleagues and friends and encouragement from the Central Command at Ranikhet to join the defence forces. Deciding to give life a chance, Sangeeta decided to become a part of the Officer's Training Academy.

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She appeared for competitive exams and was selected for service

"Mal's former colleagues and friends guided her to become a part of Officer's Training Academy,” Zee News reports.

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Sangeeta, who was married into a family of soldiers, took the the challenge to to beat her fate. She contacted the Veer Nari Committee in Delhi and started preparing for her admission to the Officer's Training Academy (OTA). Sangeeta kickstarted her preparation to join the Indian Army as a tribute to her late husband when she cleared the examination.

And, now she will be the first in her family to join the OTA as a Lieutenant after her training in Chennai

Mal was posted as a part of  3/9 Gorkha Rifles in 32 Rashtriya Rifles. Before his martyrdom, Mal eliminated one terrorist and injured another.


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Feature Image Credit: Zee News

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