A Twitter Thread Celebrates Badass Women Through Time

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
Dec 04, 2017 11:57 IST
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Recently, a Twitter handle posted a seemingly rhetorical question. It had an Image of pop star Taylor Swift, one of the most followed celebrities on Twitter mind you, in her new Gothic ‘good girl gone bad’ avatar. The pic was captioned ‘Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift’. A seemingly innocuous fan statement. But the Twitterati love to take things out of context. So this fan’s appreciation for the diva’s reinvention of her image, sent tweeples actually looking for ‘bitches badder than Taylor Swift’.


Let us first admit that this statement is cringe-worthy. When did it become cool to address a gutsy woman as a bitch? Call me old-fashioned, but no amount of arguments will make it seem awesome to address a female human as a female dog. Then again, I am outdated and old enough to list ‘reading books’ as my favourite pass time! Anyhow, keeping the curious use of a profanity as a badge of honour, this tweet led to an amazing thread.

People actually dug out unheard stories of bad-ass women from the motley pages of history books.

These women make Taylor Swift sound like a whimpering teenager out to revolt against her mommy and daddy.


From a World War Two spy

To a French widow who turned into pirate

To the first female field engineer

These tweets paid a long overdue tribute to women who showed courage and free will in times when many women were not even allowed to vote.

But these tributes were not just restricted to women from past. Many shared iconic photos of modern women, who challenged authorities openly

Many also shared personal stories of triumph and grit

There are days when Twitter transforms into a gold mine of awesome posts and trivia. This thread is one of them. It's still debatable whether all the humdrum around Taylor Swift's new 'image' is a mere campaign or an actual transformation. But one thing is for sure. Sure there are 'Badder bitches' in town. And every woman struggling to make her mark in this man-made world with man-made rules, can give the diva a run for her money.

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