The Saturday Night Live show was ‘unwatchable’ for Trump. The show starred Alec Baldwin impersonating Trump during a security briefing. The skit takes a dig at a lot of things, Trump’s habit of tweeting and re-tweeting, his absence from a lot of security briefings, casual phone calls to foreign leaders, troubling cabinet picks, among other things.

Proving the show just right, Trump complained about the show 45 minutes later, on twitter.

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The tweet got Trump a lot of attention, mostly negative. But one woman, who couldn’t take it anymore, gave a fitting reply to the president-elect, which thousands of Americans agreed to. Danielle Muscato, who describes herself as an Atheist—Civil Rights Activist—Musician—Trans Woman, let her anger out in the form of some 30 tweets attacking Trump for reacting to such frivolous matters.

Muscato’s first tweet was liked more than 30,000 times and her tweet went viral. Over the next couple of hours, she posted close to 30 tweets, all of them gaining over 20,000 likes. Here is what people thought of her tweets

The @readDonalTrump made sure the lady doesn’t get any more fame and he removed her thread from the replies but, Muscato had gained close to 50,000 followers already.

Not all agreed with her. Some had other things to say.

“This is how you get on a terrorist watch-list,” one user posted. “Just stop the crap and just grow the hell up,” said another.

Donald Trump’s tweet singled out Alec Baldwin for impersonating him and Baldwin fired back with a tweet, asking Trump to “release tax returns and I’ll stop”.

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The SNL skit was actually funny with references we all can relate to. At one point, when Trump’s former campaign manager Kellyann Conway says he was tweeting to distract the media from other, bigger issues, Baldwin — playing Trump — shrugs off that with a simple justification: “My brain is bad”.

Here is the skit from the Saturday Night Live which Trump found ‘not funny’ and ‘unwatchable’.


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