Trolls Take on Fatima Sana Shaikh for a Selfie in a Saree! #EnoughisEnough

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We all live in an era of hashtags and opinions and this phenomenon has been profoundly crazy. With the coming of the internet and social media platforms, netizens have been taking full advantage of this mechanism. Either be it to bully a classmate, stalk/poke random people, create trolls and memes. Even to send out deadly threats, abuse and invade one’s privacy or to spread hate, this whole space has been overwhelming.


While there are numerous positive features of social media, considering how you could read what I’m writing at your home miles away, it has definitely reduced the gap between the people and their beloved ideals, stars, celebrities and leaders from various industries.

The lines between public, personal and private has been merged. Sadly, all of these three different words are considered nothing but the same.

While we can all be updated about the happenings of people whom we adore, this, in particular, has been detrimental in nature because we get too personal about things. The lines between public, personal and private has been merged. Sadly, all of these three different words are considered nothing but the same. People comment on various activities which come under the boundary of the source’s privacy but never have we adhered to this basic unsaid ethos.

By becoming public icons, do celebrities lose their say on their personal choices?

Yet again, trolls are attacking Dangal star Fatima Sana Shaikh over a selfie she posted on social media last week. In the picture, the actor wears a sari designed by Swati Mukund and captioned the image “Shameless selfie.”


As is customary, several people left hate comments on the post, demanding that she take it down. In June, the actor was slut-shamed for posing in a bikini during the month of Ramadan. While many do not understand the essence of her caption which is nothing but a sarcastic phrase. She knows, she is going to be maimed with comments for being shameless for posting so-called indecent pictures.


The paradox here is that she was roasted for wearing a bikini (which is a sin according to our society) but once again roasted for wearing a saree (The ideal sanskari women’s couture). What do people exactly want? The nation wants to know!

While it’s silly on one side where we could laugh over it, but on the other side, it’s unbelievably appalling. Priyanka Chopra's knee-length dress, Sana’s bikini and now Sana’s saree are all under scrutiny for no reason. Nobody cares to voice their opinions on a myriad of issues that are shaking this world, but the undue importance given to the dress one chooses to wear is pathetic.


People really need to understand that it is one’s absolute choice to post any picture, wear any dress, eat any food, speak what they believe, hang out with anyone, date anybody and marry anyone as they wish and like.

Let us all imagine a scenario, every day someone is constantly following you everywhere you go and you have no freedom to do anything. Whatever you do you are being criticized for it, will you like it? Will any of us like it? The answer is a big NO.

Then why can’t we stop policing around in the social media? It’s definitely an important platform to express your opinions on issues that affect us. There is no electricity, dengue is spreading, we are not delivered what was promised, then please, I urge once again please speak up.

The world needs more of such people but we do not definitely need people who comment on one’s neckline, knee-length and anything at all which is not affecting our life or our survival.

It’s become a routine to hear such incidents and it’s definitely not fine. Criticize the movie people act if you don’t like it, but not what they wear in their personal lives. My dear people stop wasting your time on things which are of no relevance. Instead, start utilizing your time in the most productive way you can. This is honestly a humble request! #EnoughisEnough

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Reshma Ganeshbabu is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed in this column are author’s own.

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