Tripti Athaide’s Classes Introduce Kids To The World Of Cooking

Tripti Athaide, Founder of Flavours Of Fun

We are living in a world where a vast majority of children get exposure to gadgets sooner than they should. This, unfortunately, thwarts them from exploring a lot of interests and hobbies which they otherwise could have. Flavours of Fun, started by Tripti Athaide, is a great endeavour to introduce kids to the world of cooking.

“It is a no-flame healthy culinary class and baking experience. We try to instill good eating habits with the use of healthy ingredients. Cooking is made interesting with a lot of food facts. Children learn the basics of handling kitchen equipment, table manners and cleanliness,” she tells us about her classes in Bandra West, Mumbai.

Kids during one of the classes

Kids during one of the classes

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The entrepreneurial odyssey

Prior to starting-up, she was working as a manager in a private bank. After her daughter was born, she wanted to be around her during her growing up years. That’s when she decided to become a “mompreneur”.

Tripti had a passion for hard work and dedication. “I wanted to create something which will make me proud and contribute to the family’s economic growth.”, she shares, adding that her daughter has been a great inspiration for helping her start-up.

little chefs

little chefs

“She loved cooking and all the bells and whistles that went with it. That bubbly joy and the broad smiles when we would whip up Muffins and an Exotic Veggie sandwich or a Delicious oozing healthy chocolate lava cake got the wheels turning as how I can give this joy to many more. Hence, I decided to give a shot at “Flavours of Fun” which started nearly 2 years ago,” she sums up.

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Culinary classes

Her classes, which last for about 90-120 minutes, are attended by children of age-groups 3-15.

Tripti explains that she has to take some important precautions before conducting her classes.

“We make sure to ensure the children’s food allergy history is taken. We always have a ratio of 4 children per teacher. Kitchen equipment is used under strict supervision,” she informs us.

“We try to instill good eating habits with the use of healthy ingredients. Cooking is made interesting with a lot of food facts. Children learn the basics of handling kitchen equipment, table manners and cleanliness.” – Tripti Athaide

Benefits of imparting culinary skills in children

Cooking, she believes, is a great way to help children boost their creativity. Her classes basically want to create an enthusiasm for food by getting the children to prepare their own food.

Boy students in her class

She also expressed happiness at the fact that she has a good number of boys attending her classes and having cooking themed birthday parties. She believes this is a good ideal to inculcate among boys since times are changing and household work should no longer be a particular gender’s responsibility.


Constantly designing a menu which would be healthy and fun and involve a holistic development is one challenge she grapples with.

Benefits of working as an entrepreneur

For Tripti, being an entrepreneur enables her to express herself creatively and find passion and joy through her work. Her venture also offers her economic freedom and gives her adequate time to be with her family.

Advice for women entrepreneurs

Any decision you take it is the right one. Mistakes are the best way to make things right. Staying true to you is most important. You are always one decision away from a totally different life!

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