This 106-Year-Old Woman Shares Cooking Lessons Via YouTube

Charvi Kathuria
May 02, 2017 06:23 IST

How will you react if we tell you that there is a YouTube account with over 250,000 subscribers? Most of you will automatically assume the account to be that of a millennial trying something new to add some spunk in his/her life, isn't it? Well, it is time to jettison the cliched way your brain thinks. Mastanamma, a 106-year-old lady from Andhra Pradesh, has become a YouTube sensation because of her immaculate culinary skills.


She cooks delicious egg dosas, fish fry and bamboo chicken biryani from scratch. She makes it a point to use fresh ingredients for all her dishes. Her traditional methods of cooking have won her admirers all across the world

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Her great grandson K Lakshman manages her YouTube account that goes with the name, Country Foods.


"She didn't understand what was happening when we were filming the videos, but when she started to realise it, she felt very happy," Lakshman told NDTV.

A ">video posted on YouTube gives us an insight into her lifestyle. The video reveals that Mastanamma doesn't like to stay at home and is fond of working in the paddy fields at this age also.

Contrary to other centenarians, she likes to do all the household chores herself and avoids taking anyone's help. Besides teaching cooking to people through YouTube, Mastanamma is also loved for being the doting grandmother who ensures that everyone is well-fed.


The inspiring story of this lady proves that technology cuts across the biases of gender, country and age. It is good to see people embracing digital revolution not just to add a zing to their lives but also to help others gain valuable skills.

Want to learn how to make egg dosa ? Watch the video below:


Image credits: Indian Express

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