Triple Talaq: Arnab Goswami throws ex-cop out of show for insulting Muslim women

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The ongoing triple talaq debate raging across the nation took a nasty turn recently when a guest on a national TV show repeatedly provoked the women panelists on the programme to say talaq to their husbands, finally forcing Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami to ask him to leave the show.


Goswami was discussing the controversial issue of triple talaq, a concept among Muslims which allows men to say 'talaq talaq talaq' three times and divorce their wives instantly. He said, “Let these Muslim women sitting on the show talaq their husband through triple talaq right now and we will see what happens."

The guest in question, ex-police professional Shamsher Khan Pathan, went a step further and said sarcastically, "Let these women on the panel only do talaq to their husbands."

Arnab-Shamsher debate Arnab-Shamsher debate on triple talaq

Pathan was trying to make fun of the women panelists-- BJP leader Shazia Ilmi and Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali, professor, Islamic Studies & Director General, Wisdom Foundation, who were there on the show and the whole debate against triple talaq.

Goswami noted that Pathan was going on making sarcastic comments that were provocative to the women guests. He then asked Pathan to leave the show that was currently on air. Initially, Pathan did not move but soon realized this was a real show and not a reality show. Goswami repeated himself thrice and Pathan left.

To this, Goswami retorted saying, “You are incapable of responding to their points which is why you are making personal attacks on them.


Arnab-Shamsher debate Shamsher Khan Pathan leaves the show

At the end, Goswami just said ‚ÄėTake¬†off the mic and leave the show‚Äô and this is the time Pathan had to leave the show.

People who work on religion over logic are the only ones who cannot understand the miseries of women who bear the brunt of practices like triple talaq and polygamy. And this is one time that we praise Goswami for taking charge and showing what equality means to such orthodox and anti-women men.

Do note the youtube video of the debate's excerpt has been removed by Times Now. Instead you may watch it here

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