Heartwarming: In Canada, Vice Principal Pens Letter To Tooth Fairy On Behalf Of Student

Tooth Fairy Letter Vice Principal

When Shandee Whitehead made Vice Principal of an elementary school in Canada, little she would have guessed that penning a note to the tooth fairy will be part of her job description. But when you’re in charge of a bunch of kindergarteners, with sweet passions in their heart and soaring imaginations in their head, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. So recently, when five-year-old Gavin, a student at the Hart Highlands Elementary School in British Colombia, Canada, lost his tooth on the premises, Whitehead rose to the occasion.

In a letter addressed to the fabled tooth fairy – with the official school letterhead, no less – Whitehead explained the entire situation to her. She wrote how young Gavin, unfortunately, lost his tooth at school during lunch, and “despite the heroic efforts of a fearless search team,” his tooth could not be retrieved. Asking for her letter to be taken as an “official verification of a lost tooth,” Whitehead requested the tooth fairy to gift some money to Gavin, as is the standard tradition.

Hilariously, Whitehead ended the letter with a caveat, making sure to ask a little something from the tooth fairy for herself too: the cash value for her own wisdom tooth deposit from 2000. “I have bills to pay,” she wrote.

Whether Whitehead got her dues or not is a mystery. But Gavin sure did! “When I woke up in the morning, the tooth fairy actually did come. I got the coin… It was a gold and silver one,” he told CBC.

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The Tooth Fairy Letter Goes Viral

For bringing positivity to these bleak times, Whitehead’s letter to the tooth fairy has gone viral on Twitter. She is gathering praise for exhibiting true leadership in a time of crisis – at least that’s what it was for a distraught Gavin who couldn’t locate his tooth – and for keeping the magic of childhood imagination alive. 

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A Twitter user wrote, “This has made my day so much brighter. I’m so glad the kids at your school have such an awesome VP!”

Some even took the opportunity to share similar experiences in the context of the tooth fairy and lost teeth. “I absolutely love this. Btw, my son had the same situation in kindergarten and he wrote a note to Tina the Tooth Fairy and she came through as well. Thanks for vouching for Gavin,” one user wrote.

Another user recalled how their mother in the 1990s pulled off something similar to what Whitehead did for her student. Sharing a picture of the letter, they wrote, “My mum did the same in the 90s for one of her pupils who passed it onto us when she passed away.” 

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Image Credit: @shandeemay1/Twitter