'For Son's Fees': Woman Jumps In Front Of Bus For Compensation

In a tragic incident in Salem, Tamil Nadu, a 39-year-old woman jumped in front of a moving bus to get compensation to pay her son's college fees.

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Jul 18, 2023 19:27 IST
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In an incident from Tamil Nadu, a woman jumped in front of a bus to get compensation from the government to pay her son's college fees. The woman died on the spot in the road accident. 

In a tragic incident from Salem, Tamil Nadu, a 39-year-old woman died after jumping in front of a moving bus to claim compensation for the accident from the government to secure her son's future, as per the report. 

Tamil Nadu: Woman Jumped In Front Of The Bus:

The deceased woman is identified as Pappathi and was working as a sanitisation helper in Salem's Collector's office. Reportedly, someone misguided Pappathi and told her that government compensates in a hit-and-run accident case, citing the example of another woman. She was unable to pay her son's college fees, so out of desperation, the deceased woman jumped in front of the bus. The woman's son is said to be studying in a private undergraduate college where he was asked to pay college fees of Rs 45,000. His mother was unable to pay his fees and was suffering from depression. 

On June 28, she was caught on the CCTV camera when first tried to jump in front of a two-wheeler but survived. A few minutes later, she was trying to cross the road and suddenly jumped in front of the bus leading to her death on the spot. The local police have registered the case after the accident and are investigating the matter. 

When the police inquired with the deceased woman's family and friends, people told her she was asking everyone to loan her Rs 45,000 for her son's college fees.  

Police found that someone misguided her that if a sanitisation worker dies, their family is compensated by the government with money for their loss. Police suspect this to have driven the deceased woman to act upon it. 


The woman lost her husband and had been single-handedly raising her children for 15 years. While her daughter had completed her education, her son is studying in a private undergraduate college in Salem, Tamil Nadu

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