TM Krishna Sings Hum Dekhenge At Shaheen Bagh, In Four Languages

TM Krishna

In the week building up to Delhi elections, many artists have performed at Shaheen Bagh, showing support to the anti-CAA protests. One of them is Carnatic singer TM Krishna, who performed along with Tabla Player Akram Khan. He sang the song ‘Hum Dekhenge‘ in four languages. On his decision to perform at Shaheen Bagh, TM Krishna said, “I am here today because Shaheen Bagh is the real India.”

Some Takeaways:

  • In the week building up to Delhi Assembly elections, many artists performed at Shaheen Bagh.
  • The event called Artists Against Communalism that happened between February 2nd to February 7th saw artists like Kusha Kapila, Lifafa, Ankur Tewari, Peter Cat Recording Co, Anushka Manchanda,
  • Carnatic Singer TM Krishna sang ‘Hum Dekhenge‘ in four languages.
  • The video of singer Shubha Mudgal performing at Shaheen Bagh has gone viral on social media.

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Artists against communalism

The week-long event was titled ‘Artists against communalism’ saw performances by many artists such as Hindustani classical singer Shubha Mudgal, TM Krishna, singer and Songwriter Prateek Khuhad, musician Ankur Tiwari, Sufi singer Madan Gopal Singh, rapper Sumit Roy, poet Amir Aziz and singer Anushka Manchanda.

I am here today because Shaheen Bagh is the real India. – TM Krishna

A poster promoting the event read, “With the run-up to the Delhi elections and constant threats (and incidents) of violence, the next few days will be critical for the #ShaheenBaghProtest. Let’s thwart every force that tries to bring us down through art, theatre, and music, with this line up of some of our favorite artists. February 2nd-7th at Shaheen Bagh. We hope to see you with us.”

It is at this event that TM Krishna sang ‘Hum Dekhenge‘ in Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

Mudgal told The Outlook that she went to sing at Shaheen Bagh to express solidarity with the movement in the only way she could “by singing songs and poems of love, peace, equality, fraternity and poems of resistance written by some of the great poets the world has known.”

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Kuhad said to The Hindu, “I think the spirit of the protest itself is lovely. It is heart-warming actually because it is just people getting together and helping each other out.” He also added, “Obviously, the true intent behind the protests, which is basically inclusiveness, is something I support strongly.”

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