SheThePeople.Tv, in association with US Cranberries India, recently organised a Health Talk on Urinary Tract Infection in Women: Causes and Preventions.

The event focused on raising awareness about UTI, including the myths associated with it. This was followed by another discussion conducted by Nmami Agarwal, Founder of Nmami Life, and Riti Bhagat, Founder of Eatomatic. The discussion was moderated by Poorvi Gupta, SheThePeople.Tv.

Nmami Agarwal and Riti Bhagat discussed a number of tips that women can follow to prevent Urinary Tract Infection.

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Here are some tips that can help you keep UTI at bay:

Drink plenty of water

Women should drink plenty of water to prevent UTI. They can consume water in any form, including coconut water and soup.

Spreading awareness

A lot of women aren’t aware of the causes, symptoms and treatment of UTI. Spreading awareness is one effective way to help women know about it.

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Making exercise a daily part of one’s routine to stay healthy and active is the panacea to stay away from ailments like UTI.

Eating foods rich in Vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C limit the growth of some bacteria by acidifying the urine.


Having garlic in the form of garlic tea is beneficial since it contains a compound that kills the bacteria causing UTI.

Avoid sugary foods and drinks

Sugary foods and drinks like carbonated drinks and even some kind of juices in excess quantity aren’t advisable. Moreover, even caffeine-containing drinks and foods such as coffee and tea can trigger UTI since these are responsible for stimulating the bladder which produces more urine.

Consuming cranberries

Making cranberries a part of your regular diet is a great way to treat UTI since cranberries make the urine more acidic which repels bacteria. Interestingly, you can add those to a smoothie or a salad to suit your taste buds better.

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