What Happened To Blessing Olusegun? : Timeline Of The Case

Blessing Olusegun, a 21-year-old student was found dead on a beach after she went missing under mysterious circumstances.

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Blessing Olusegun
Blessing Olusegun: The 21-year-old Blessing Olusegun was found dead on September 18, 2020, in London.

The Sussex police cited drowning as the cause of death based on the forensic tests. No evidence of violence or external or internal injury was found. After the publicised Sarah Everard case, a union claimed that Olusegun’s death did not have the same response and cited discrimination.

Timeline Of Blessing Olusegun Case

  • Blessing Olusegun was a student from London that had gone to Bexhill on a one-week placement.
  • Her last conversation was with her friend Christiana Sofalabo before she went missing under mysterious circumstances.
  • Her friend stated that Olusegun was “walking in the early hours of the day she dies”.
  • Reportedly Olusegun’s body was found by a dog walker on the beach.
  • The Sussex police released in a statement that ““At 6.20 am on Friday, September 18, the body of a woman was found lying on the beach at Bexhill near Galley Hill. The body was identified that morning as that of Blessing Olusegun, 21, of Middle Park Avenue, London SE9.”
  • The statement also stated that the Sussex police began an investigation and the death was being treated as unexplained but not suspicious.
  • On September 24, a postmortem took place and forensic tests were carried out. Drowning was cited as the cause of death based on the evidence.
  • A CCTV footage shows Olusegun near the town centre, and another CCTV footage shows her walking under a tunnel headed towards the beach. The last sighting was near a café.
  • Speaking about the reports that the Blessing Olusegun case was not investigated properly, Det Insp Pippa Nicklin refuted the claims.
  • Nicklin stated that “It has been reported that we have not properly investigated Blessing's death because of her ethnicity and we strongly refute these claims."
  • Nicklin added that "Although there continues to be no evidence of a crime we are still carefully and fully examining all the circumstances leading up to Blessing's death, from her arrival in Bexhill, to her leaving the house where she was working and walking to the beach."

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