TikTok Star, Accused Of Double Murder Involving Wife, Pleads Not Guilty

Ali Abulaban
Ali Abulaban, a TikTok star famous on the video-sharing app as ‘JinnKid,’ pleaded not guilty in a double murder case that left his estranged wife and another man dead last week. He appeared before the San Diego Superior Court on Monday and if convicted, could face a life sentence. Prosecutors seeking punishment could also pursue the death penalty, local reports suggest.

29-year-old Abulaban is best known on TikTok for his Scarface impersonations and has over 9,00,000 followers on the platform. The case has left his TikTok fan community in shock.

According to The San Diego Union-TribuneAbulaban allegedly bugged his five-year-old daughter’s electronic device that caught the voice of his wife, Ana, speaking with a man. Enraged, he visited the high-rise in Island Avenue his wife stayed at and reportedly shot her and the man dead.

Prior to the incident, on October 18, Abulaban had moved out of the house he shared with Ana after the couple had a domestic violence incident. The TikToker reportedly accused his wife of cheating on him. As per the prosecution, Ana had sought a restraining order against him and a divorce.

Despite moving into a hotel after the fallout, however, Abulaban secretly retained a key to their house. He used it to enter the residence on October 21, which is when he installed a listening app on his daughter’s iPad.

Ali Abulaban Case: What You Should Know

The shooting in San Diego’s East Village occurred around 3 PM. The man, Rayburn Barron, was shot thrice while Ana was shot once in the forehead, Fox 5 reports. Surveillance footage showed Abulaban at the crime location. Police were alerted of the shooting reportedly around 3:10 PM.

Reports suggest Abulaban called his mother and confessed to the killing after it happened. While also picking up his daughter from school following the shooting, Abulaban told her he had “hurt Mommy.” He was arrested within an hour.

The child has been placed in the protective care of family members. Certain reports claim Abulaban has a history of domestic violence, with Ana having raised the alarm before to the police.

Image: San Diego Union – Tribune

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