Thrilling Trip Ideas When You Want to Travel With Your Besties

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Travelling with friends is one of the best ways to bond better. If you’re planning on taking a trip, here are some ideas you may want to consider. So get out and see more of the world with your besties.

1. Backpack across the Himalayas

When you’re hiking with friends, you’re all working together on a common goal: Finding the best possible view. But getting there can be a trying task. Seeing each other at their most tired phase, helping each other through a twisted ankle, swaying through with patience – these can be a bonding experience and memories you cherish forever.

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2. Volunteer Trip

Find something you’re all passionate about when it comes to volunteering for the social causes. It can be photography, art, music, web development, administration, reception or for a social cause like child care, teaching, and farming. Sign up for an upcoming volunteer trip. Not only will you meet like-minded people and feel good about doing something but you’ll also get to watch the experience transform your friends as well.

3. Take a weekend beach vacation

Beach vacations are a completely different kind of getaway. Taking the opportunity to completely relax to the sound of waves from a sandy perch under an umbrella is the kind of thing you need from time to time. Sun, beach, beautiful mornings, mind-blowing sunsets and exploring a new culture – it’s all worth it. Whether it is Ganpatipule in Maharashtra, Havelok in Andaman or the popular beaches in Goa, a beach holiday must be part of your bucket list.

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4. Go somewhere where another language is required

Language barriers can be a challenge, depending on where you are and whether or not you have access to a translation app. Overcoming a hurdle like this together with friends can be an enriching experience.  Steer clear of big cities, and instead visit rural cities for an altogether different experience. Better yet, learn the basics of the native language of your vacation destination on the move.

5. Rent a Jeep, Car or a bike and explore the joy of a road-trip

Head somewhere extreme exploring the great outdoors. The time on the road is stress-free, excitingly enriching and will make the effort well worth it. You can have your own Bollywood moment on driving from Manali to Leh which has been immortalized by so many popular songs.

6. Pack a weekender

The most memorable trips are spontaneously thrown together at the last minute. Last-minute travel has a certain reputation of being a splurge, however, it involves the fun part too if you go along sensibly. Pack a weekender and make good use of apps and websites.

7. Spend a long weekend exploring your hometown

Living somewhere doesn’t mean you know the place inside out. There’s always something new to know, something interesting to learn about. Make a long weekend out of exploring all of the places you wish you had time to visit, or want to revisit. Include your friends and walk through the local markets, restaurants and unexplored spots of your hometown and learn something new. The considerate time will be in your memory forever. 

8. Travel somewhere and don’t make an itinerary

Choose a destination where it would be impossible not to find something to do and drop the entire process of planning. Pick the accommodation, and fill your days and nights with whatever you feel like doing in the moment. Just leave for the destination and let things unfold on its own.

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Bhawana is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv