This Year Women Officers Played Key Role In Budget Making

Women officers played a key role in drawing up the Union Budget this year. They constituted 41 per cent of senior level personnel involved in the process, handling around 52 per cent of the overall budget work for the government.

The Union Budget will be presented in Parliament by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today. According to PTI, out of the 34 financial advisors with the rank Additional Secretary and Joint Secretary, 14 were women.

Advisors in ministries like finance, health and family welfare, HRD, youth development, urban development, social justice and more participated in making the budget.

Women contribute only 17 per cent to the GDP in India, a figure that is low when compared to developing economies like China, where women contribute 41 per cent. A McKinsey report says India can increase its 2024 GDP at $4.83 trillion by 16 and 60 per cent simply by enabling women to participate in the economy just as men do.

The participation of women in budget making is a good step towards including more women in key functions in the economy.

We asked tax expert Sudha Bhushan what should be done to encourage more women to be part of the economy. She said that the government should provide more incentives to women-staffed organisations. Let’s wait and watch what Arun Jaitley presents in Parliament later today.

The Finance ministry had started consulting with various ministries and government departments for budget-making around Mid-November, reported PTI.

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