Dr Zoe Williams, Of British Show This Morning, Pregnant With First Child

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Dr Zoe Williams, physician and noted personality on the British television show This Morning, announced she is pregnant with her first child. With her pregnancy, the celebrity says she is on the lifelong dream of becoming a mother. The 40-year-old was reportedly deliberating over going down the road of motherhood alone with the assistance of a sperm donor, until in 2019, she met her current partner Stuart McKay. Williams and McKay are expecting their child to arrive later this year in June.

Williams, who is a medical practitioner in London, sharing news of her pregnancy with Hello! magazine said, “There are two big ambitions I always had in life – one was to be a doctor and the other was to be a mother. As a doctor none of this is new to me… Having my scan was just the most amazing thing. It’s so magical, the wonder of seeing this little life that’s growing inside you.”

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Dr Zoe Williams On Her Chance Meeting With Stuart McKay

Up until 2019, the doctor’s dream of becoming a mother was looking to her like a milestone she would have to achieve on her own. A chance meeting with McKay at a Portugal bar changed her plans. “When I met Stuart I was considering having a baby on my own,” she says.

As their relationship progressed, she felt it only right to divulge her ambitions to him. “So on our third or fourth date I told him I needed to know what his intentions were if our relationship worked out.”

McKay, adding to the conversation, says he was on board with Williams’ goals: “I told her she should have a back-up and keep investigating her options but at the same time I said I believed it would work out between us and, if it did, I would love to have children with her.”

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Who Is Dr Zoe Williams?

Dr Zoe Williams, a practicing general physician, rose to public fame for her appearance on British television show Gladiators, where she played the role of Amazon. Currently based in London, she specialises in multiple areas of medicine, including lifestyle wellness. Most prominent for being the in-house medic on the show This Morning, Williams is also known for promoting fitness among teenage girls.

Image Credit: ITV

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